Animal Exploitation and the Journey to Veganism


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Animal Exploitation and the Journey to Veganism
By Britt - 5 May 2005

In Reference to: Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery


I've been vegan a year and a half and a vegetarian for five. I used to love meat, thought I could live without it. There was this massive emotional divide I had in place. I completely divorced the food from the reality of the facts. Logically, I vaguely knew what was happening, but there was no emotional knowledge of it.

I would hear all the time from different sources that meat was bad, and there were so many different reasons. So I began to research it to figure out what I really felt about the subject. Of course I was blown away. It was the quantity of reasons that completely convinced me. To stop eating meat would prevent against damages to our environment in so many ways. It was bad for your health, would cause cancer in quantity (essentially the average western meal) as well as many other side effects. We could solve world hunger just by using the grains it takes to feed live stock nation wide. So we could focus our energy on producing something worth while instead of shallow death for taste pleasure. And of course for moral reasons, of the animals themselves.

Well, once again, this last one was one of the many reasons, but after looking and reading at your sight all last night, it has just brought this view to a whole other level. Even though I am vegan and do not want to support the animal industry, you can't fully understand the pain and horror of the industry until you read every detail and see each step of the way.

This site hurt so much, I've never been one to cry easily but oh my God, each situation was just jaw achingly horrible. I think it so effected me because it broke down any last layer of separation between my logical knowledge and my emotional knowledge of the situation. I applaud you for your work in getting the message out. This is so important.

I am an artist and this subject consistently appears in my creations. I think it is very important that you show the emotional aspect of the animals in the slaughter houses, like you do. I am grateful that you have put the time and energy together to create this site.

I do have one thought though. I understand that you are Christian, which is a huge part of who you are, and I respect that. I personally am not Christian and don't believe in God, in the religious sense. The message you are talking about is so important, and I desperately want as many viewers to connect with and realize this serious problem that is the meat industry. I think though the injections of God references tends to alienate groups with other beliefs. It was mentioned a few times here and there saying "We Cannot understand how anyone who believes in God could allow, and contribute to, this pain and suffering". This then implies that this horror could only be held or expect from a Christian. Frankly I think anyone, regardless of their religion would be horrified by the pain and suffering of this process and totally unwilling to participate in they were fully emotionally and mentally conscious of what is really happening.

Once again I just want to thank yo for doing such an excellent job of doing your best to get this message across.