Animal Exploitation and the Journey to Veganism


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Animal Exploitation and the Journey to Veganism
By Britt - 6 May 2005

In Reference to: Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery

That was great to hear back from you, what a treat. Your explanation makes perfect sense. I find the statistics fascinating and appreciate your dedication to finding the way to connect with a large quantity of the population.

I can feel sometimes getting discouraged at the enormity of the the industry and how slow change is to come. But the best way to cut out the problem is by doing exactly as you are, getting the explanations and messages out to as many people as possible.

Truly, I believe that eventually a large enough percentage of the population will begin to turn from the idea of meat, and it will be seen as the popular choice.

Eventually I hope it gets into the school systems and especially into the Senate the importance of true animal rights and the acknowledgment of animals as full beings. By then all this constant butchery of lives will seem ludicrous, horrifying, and we as humans will not only benefit morally, but I'm sure we would not encounter nearly as many health issues.

Ah, this is all very ideal, but I don't believe completely impractical. Honestly I think someday things will change.

Keep up the good work.