Animal Exploitation and the Journey to Veganism


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Animal Exploitation and the Journey to Veganism
By Britt - 7 May 2005

In Reference to: Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery

Hi Frank and Mary-

Sorry it has taken a bit to write back but am currently trying to get some pieces down under the wire of a Monday dead line.

Your suggestion of me writing articles on the subject sound intriguing. How does the library generally work? I'm assuming I can probably access that via the site so I'll probably be able to answer my own question there. I'll definitely check this out after Monday.

It is a difficult question when it come to approaching non vegetarians about the real world of meat. In my experience those who eat meat automatically turn off or become defensive if you bring up the subject.

They see it as crazy hippy ideals and you are crusading the message, trying to force it on them. This generally gets you nowhere but frustrated, both parties. My approach in the past has always been to be careful not to preach but to answer fully on any part of the subject if asked. The information being the key to change and their minds being ready to receive it. Also setting by example different meals that taste and smell good, and what do you know Its Vegan! Who knew.

Showing that a healthy, yet not dull life can be had on this diet. But people are slow to change and must hear a message around eight times before they really start perking up. I must admit that recently, after studying the details via your site as well as other resources has made it so much more difficult to restrain myself from pushing my ideas.

The subject is brought into sharp emotional war lines, so much wrong and you feel so helpless. A sinking feeling of wanting to halt everything immediately. This is murder; how can you stand by and wait for people to show a minor bit of interest. As before I prided myself on being a vegetarian that wasn't cause to vapors every time she was encountered by meat and their eaters. But now I see this idea as simply ignorant, as every time I see meat being prepared by friends or laughed about it, I find my smile rapidly wiped off my face, and images of beings being cut to pieces in fear and pain. Its life, and not a joke, and yet what can you do?

No one will change until they are ready. I feel torn recently on the subject of vegetarian coercion. My emotional network screaming for me to take action and strap people into chairs to watch the reality of what they are a part of. My logical knowing that being patient and level headed in what will win the day.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Your site is very confrontational, which is the purpose, a shock to the system of a heavy dose of reality. But especially talking out of cyber space, how do you generally conduct the issue with friends, family and strangers?

Looking forward to hearing from you.