Animal Exploitation and the Journey to Veganism


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Animal Exploitation and the Journey to Veganism
By Ashley - 29 Apr 2011

In Reference to: Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery

To Whom it May Concern:

I am a fellow Christian, and I understand why you believe that you should be vegans. I am outraged at the cruelty to animals just like you are.

I am not vegetarian, but I identify with your reasons for not using animal products. I just wanted to inform you that you should make SURE that the photos you publish are genuine cases of cruelty to animals. The photo of a rotting horse carcass did not show any provable signs of abuse, it was just a decomposing carcass. I know it probably was abused, but please back up all the photos.

Also, the photo showing the cat being given medicine is not necessarily a depiction of abuse. I have given my cats medication for heart worms in exactly the same way. They do not see the medicine as food, but they will die without it (if they have heartworms, which my cats did). That is why they protest taking medicine, it seems foreign to them and they are afraid. I did not hurt my cats, but I had to hold their mouths open and gently deposit the medicine, which they then swallowed. They do not feel betrayed, they did not turn against me. While the picture you display might be in an abusive situation, it is not easy to identify, so I think you should either show more evidence or remove the picture.

One more thing: Your site is full of typos and grammatical errors. This makes a site look shady or less reliable. Please fix these mistakes so that people can believe this is a true ministry that you all are running. I pray that you can rescue many more animals from their torturers, and fixing these problems will only improve the support you receive from others.

In Christ,