Animal Exploitation and the Journey to Veganism


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Animal Exploitation and the Journey to Veganism
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 29 Apr 2011

In Reference to: Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery

Dear Ashley:

Thank you for your additional comments and questions.

With commercial egg production, which is what we are addressing, the male chicks are cruelly killed as soon as they hatch, because they have no monetary value. Most of the egg laying hens are confined to small cages until they are no longer profitable and suffer all their lives. They also have the ends of their beaks cut or burned off. We have also observed cruelty on small family farms.

Dairy calves are taken away from their mothers when they are only 2 days old, and similarly to the chickens, all male dairy calves are cruelly raised as veal calves and sent to slaughter at a very early age, which means one every other year on the average for every dairy cow, for they are forced to have calves every year. A cow will also normally live over 20 years, but they are so over-milked that they are sent to slaughter around 5 years of age, to become hamburger meat. So, eating dairy products, supports these cruelties.

These are just some of the reasons we have these presentations on our web site, and why we are vegan.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary