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By Orsolya - 3 June 2006

To all creatures great and small....

The sight of the tortured rabbits pictured so explicitly on your website brought tears to my eyes.

I have always loved animals, rabbits in particular.  Leading a crulety-free vegetarian lifestyle has been one of my greatest concerns, since age five. 

Currently, my family and I share our lives with three rabbits, adopted as companion animals from a local animal shelter (Toronto Humane Society).

Sidney, my valentine sweetheart, has lived a traumatic life.  He had his left hind leg amputated, is also missing one of his fingers, and has a scar along his side.  I'm not sure what horror he was subjected to, but I know that he was taken good care of at the shelter until he was adopted by my family last December.  My point is not in the gruesome details of his past, but that he continues to be a sweet, affectionate, loving creature who simply wants a chance to live and be loved.

The fact that research, medicine and beauty industries exploit rabbits because of their docile nature sickens me to the core.  Seeing rabbits being violently abused, misused and then discarded like garbage really broke my heart, knowing firsthand their sweet nature and complicated personalities. 

Any so-called profit gained from this sadism is not valid.  One needs to care for their soul and for the souls of all other living creatures.

I can not tell you how many people have made passing comments, inquiries, and jokes regarding EATING MY RABBITS.  The cruel nature of wanting to kill, eat and then shit out my precious rabbits does not amuse me in the least. 

It sickens me.

The image of how humans are able to reduce a beautiful creature to a pile of blood, meat and fur is really powerful.  May I suggest adding an image of a pile of shit to further hit the point home...cruelty is not acceptable in any form, it's bullshit.

Thank you for your continued work towards cruelty-free living.


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