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By Eunice - 12 Feb 2008


I'm a 13-year old from South Korea and I just have a few things to say after reading the captions of a few of your photos.

By the way, I had no idea people were slaughtering cats in this country before I saw your photo, and it was quite shocking. Moran market is really near my school.

Anyway, I also strongly think that people should stop this senseless, cruel torture and killings of animals; it is utterly idiotic and unbelievably... unbelievable of them to commit such crimes. I'm really serious when I say that. I know that animal rights activists like you believe this too, and you really want to help these animals, and feel strongly about them, and I might not quite understand the enormities of your concerns, but I have to say- as little as I like to say it- that I think you're biased.

The people (I'm referring to, like, fur companies and other organized groups) who do this to animals are humans, too. I don't believe that they're evil down to the core and I think you're mistaken when you said they were. These people do this every day, it's part of their everyday routine, it's their horrid, unfortunate lives for god's sake, going down to filthy factories every day to kill innocent animals. But they do it so often, and they've been doing it for so long that it's basically just washed out their sense of morality.

Besides, these people don't think like certain people on the other side of the world, in some place called America, where they fight for animal rights. You really can't blame them for that. Of course, I'm not saying that what they're doing isn't evil. It is. It's just that these people base their moralities on something else entirely. Some people are so moral about animal rights but they forget entirely about other people, other human beings. Try to stand in those people's shoes, and be moral about them, too.

Frankly, I don't think you have any right claiming that these people are downright evil. But you can persuade them to think differently, and see that what they're doing is utterly wrong, right? I mean, that's what you do. I guess you're trying to persuade us people to think your way, but you could be a little more fair in doing so. Maybe if you change your attitudes towards these people, you would seem more fair.

Unless the people we're talking about are the idiots who just kill animals for fun, which is a different case entirely. They don't have any apparent reason or excuse for doing it, so say whatever you want about them, and besides I know no one could convince you that they're not at sin.

Please at least consider the idea that it isn't entirely these people's faults.

Thank you.

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