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By Christina - 25 Feb 2008

I am Sabrina's mother. She is 11 years old. I was a little shocked to look on this screen name and find that she had typed to you. Something we hadn't discussed.

I am fortunate to have a daughter like Sabrina. She currently attends a middle school, 5th grade, 3.8 average. As well as being blessed with a daughter with good intentions, She's blessed with freedom of speech and the Faith of God.

I grinned a little to see the things she had typed. Knowing her efforts come from the heart. Something I hope that will always be a trait she carries through her journeys in life.

I got a bit scared; however, knowing she had access to a world wide community of verbal communication via the Internet. It's a frightening place out there. She hardly uses the PC and I should have had parental controls set.

I would like to take the time to thank you for your polite, respectful, response to her. It means a great deal to me. As a single parent, I strive on the best guidance possible.

Sabrina and I did take the time to read over much of the information published on your site. I told her I no longer wanted to read the things that seemed so horrid. She persisted. I cried a little, Sad to know a human being could actually clobber a seal to death where he lay perhaps through tears of torture. Every living being has a pain factor. Fact or Fiction? I did not want to read and her insisting, I go on to feel the pain and watch her eyes connecting with mine. Those are the moments we as Mother and Daughter connect heartedly. For she feeds off of everything she is taught and everything she has learned, Whether that consist of halo versus the horn or Mother nature. We are the future and the guides in to tomorrow.

In appreciation. Thank you.



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