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By Dawn - 17 Feb 2013


Firstly let me thank you for your response and secondly let me apologise for being that angry at the images I saw that I used bad language in my email.

I didn't know your site was religious and I have to say that although I respect your beliefs, I do not hold the same beliefs.

I was educated in a Catholic school in England and having grown up in this terrible world witnessing the horrors of man, I concluded theat God either didn't exist or that he was a sadist to allow us to suffer in this way.

Many times I have prayed and every time my prayers have gone unanswered.

I think that we have to stop seeing things from a religious perspective and get real and positive in fighting our own battles here on earth because the "Heavenly Father" isn't listening to us.

Please don't think I am being horrible to you because this isnt the case. Im just tired of looking to a God that isn't helping. If we want changes then we have to change things ourselves.

In December last year my beautiful dog died from kidney failure. To say I am grief-stricken is an understatement. I miss her so much. I got on my knee's and begged for her life to be saved and yet she died. Where was God? Where is God when people are being murdered and raped and robbed etc.? You can say its the free will of man but God is watching the free will of man destroy innocents. Isn't it time he stepped in and ended the suffering? I would of given my life for my dog. I would also risk my life to save animals from pain. I love animals more than people. We have to be their voice.

I would love to join your effort to stop this barbaric worldwide torture.

What do you want me to do? How can I help?

I would like to be part of your hard work. The only thing I ask is that in doing so I am not sent any images of animals suffering because I was awake all night and troubled by what I had seen and cannot shake it from my mind.

I was totally unaware that this was going on in the world and Im devastated. By all means send me letters and information on how I can help to fight the good fight but do not send me any images or stories of cruelty and horror.

I'm too emotional to deal with it.
P.s -I was a vegan and then I went vegetarian but after seeing what I saw I will be going raw vegan from today.
Love and light x Dawn x

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