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By Dawn - 20 Feb 2013

Well, I think your a pretty big deal regardless! You have my total respect and admiration for who you are and what your doing in this world whether it's our calling or not! I'm just glad to be in touch with one of the good guys!

I was giving up hope that any good people actually still existed in our world. Can I ask you if you think I will be reunited with my dog Kez in the afterlife? If not, I wouldn't want to go to heaven because it wouldn't be my kind of heaven without her. If I had to spend eternity somewhere else because she was elsewhere then i would go with her!  She was my everything and my heart broke and I died inside when she died. 

I know what love is - I know what it is to be loved back because she taught me that.

Life is grey without her but I have to go on and try and make a difference in the name of all animals that deserve the love and compassion that she was given whilst here on earth. I even sleep with her ashes on my pillow because I can't bare to be separated from my little girl. She has left a huge void in my life and I feel the pain and emptiness like a crushing pain in my chest.  

I think we met online for a reason, Frank! - I think I'm meant to raise awareness from my little town in England.

I will be bringing the plight of animals to to attention of as many as I can to see what changes can be made in their innocent names.

Dawn x

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