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Animal Cruelty


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Animal Cruelty
By Mary - 10 Jul 2013

Hi Frank and Mary,

Just got through reading your webpage and was reading some of the letters, esp about the white cat that appears now and then when a living creation is about to pass or has passed. Interesting.  

I have donated money to the Gentle Barn for hay for the rescued animals and I don't have a lot of money but what I have I have to donate to something.  Do you need any donations?  

Sometimes I get so sad, actually most of the time, because I just can't wrap my head around how people can do these horrible things to animals/children...I know I have written to you in the past but as hard as I try to tell myself that God has a reason for everything, I just don't understand how he can allow the innocent, without any sin, to have to suffer so greatly.  

I am not a revengeful person but in the case of animal abusers, I really hope there is a hell for these greedy monsters that kill and torture for money.  

I think of animals day and night and find that people unfriend me when I bring the subject up of cruelty but I don't care.  I even expect a knock on the door to be arrested because I have written some stinging letters to senators, congressman etc. about how they should be put in a cage like the animals and then see what their vote would be about banning this cruelty.  Well, I don't care.  

Just so glad I have you to talk to even though I'm probably driving you crazy, but you are the only one I can talk to.  Everybody just shuns me because what  you don't know won't hurt you but I KNOW and will not contribute to any animal suffering..would rather starve.  

Well, thank you so much for your website.  I read every bit of it but cannot look at the videos although I know why you put them there..unless you see them you can deny this is happening but I have watched the undercover videos from factory farms and that was enough for me.  

Thank you for listening and I guess we continue to pray for a  miracle which we do all the time and just hope God will finally put a stop to this.