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Animal Cruelty


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Animal Cruelty
By Mary - 11 Jul 2013

Hello Frank,

Thanks for answering.  

I know you and Mary do not have it easy as you have to see the  pictures and I have seen enough to last me a lifetime; every time I turn on the computer there is another one staring me in the face but I realize if people don't actually see this, they don't want to know about it..I am a firm believer, and I know you are too, that once you see some of these videos, there is no turning back ever and that is a good thing...that is why so many people tell me they will not, under any circumstances, look at one of these.  

Ignorance is bliss I guess.  Well, and I'm sure you have heard, that Farm Forward has Bill Gates and others trying to find a solution to end world hunger and create plant based foods and meatless meat.  He also wants an end to factory farming and of course the usual comments about how he is just furthering his name etc. but whatever his reason, and I think he has a big heart, he is trying to do something about this.  

Have a good day and again, thanks so much for listening to me.