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By Karolin - 15 Aug 2013

Hi Frank and Mary,
I can't believe though that most people don't want to live like that.
You see, when I found out about the treatment of animals, I became vegetarian but I craved the meat and cheated.
It wasn't until I involved God.....then somehow met you, that I started to take this very serious. I can't lie, sometimes the neighbors grill smells good but I know for sure that I will never eat the flesh of another living being again. Because God really asked me not to. Period!
Why did I find this? I am not sure. I never really was a Christian, I never went to church, I never really took an interest in religion.
Maybe God saw that I needed help and encouragement to help end the suffering?
The interesting part is that here at the hospital I see many very sick people. Almost all of them eat large amounts of meat, etc.. Hardly do I see Vegetarians/Vegans.
I have a patient now (he comes and goes, so I have become to know him). He has renal disease, diabetes and he bleeds from his inside (they can't figure out why).  Last time he told me that he used to work at a slaughter plant many years ago. He said that the most horrible thing that he will never get out of his mind was a livestock auction. The building caught on fire and none of the animals made it out (only the people). He said that he has never heard screams like the ones that came from the animals that were burning alive.
Well, he is back here at the hospital, bleeding again.......and yesterday when he was able to eat again he ordered a cheeseburger with bacon and French fries.
I wonder if we choose a cruel diet, especially if we know the suffering that is involved, whether or not we are being punished in some form. Perhaps his health problems are a punishment?
What do you think?

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