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By Karolin - 16 Aug 2013

Hi Frank and Mary,
Do you think that the call from God might be too subtle in order for people to really hear and understand?
In other words, he does not punish people for eating flesh, it just so happens that they get sick from a diet that is so completely wrong.......and on the contrary those who eat plant based food, the foods that they are meant to eat, usually don't suffer through such sicknesses that what you mean?
But....if God does not punish...then how will we ever really learn

Shouldn't there be a consequence for such cruel actions?
What would be the incentive (for example) for a Chinese man to stop making waxed dog? Btw. when I read what happens to those dogs I was furious, cried and very mad. If I were to come across a man who does this to an animal, I would like to make him a "waxed man" and pull him out of the oven before death. That way he knows what it feels like.  Is that wrong of me to think?

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