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By Karolin - 18 Aug 2013

Good morning Frank and Mary,
Well, I provide care for the people here only because I need the job to pay my bills. I much prefer to provide care for an animal that is in need. Compassion and patience for humans is something that I slowly have been learning from you. I guess it is something that I have to accept if I want to be close with God.
I do believe though that there must be a difference between what we did for many years and those that continue to do it. As soon as we learned the horrors animals go through, we almost immediately stopped eating meat....we eliminated it or almost all of it. One way or the other we realized it was wrong. The difference is that there are many people who realize that the animals suffer but they don't care. Or...they care but they can tune it out. And then there are those who actually kill and torture them. Those people witness the horrors every day and still take part in it.  Do you think I am right or do you believe we are all the same? I can't really figure that one out.
Have a great Saturday.

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