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By Karolin - 24 Aug 2013

Good morning Frank and Mary,
I think people are not aware of their tongue.
I remember a few years ago a conversation like the one I had with 4 of my neighbors yesterday would have gotten me mad, frustrated and loud but just the opposite happened.
After I got home from work I took Einstein for a quick walk (poor guy was crossing his legs). While we were walking, we passed the pool where 4 of my neighbors had a good time.
So we exchanged some words about me leaving for Germany next Friday. One lady mentioned that she had the best pork roast in Mainz (near to my home town). She frantically tried to remember the name of the restaurant, so that I could enjoy some of that roast too.
I told her that it was okay because I don't eat meat anymore.
She and her husband asked "why?"  and I answered simply "because of the animals!"
Her friend then said "but Karolin, what do you think will happen to all of the animals if we don't eat them?  There will be too many of them"
And I answered "they are solely bread for human consumption. We would stop breeding them and eventually there would only be a few of them"
The husband of the other lady then said "they don't know what happens to them. They get a shot in the head and they are dead. They have no clue and they feel no pain.
I answered "No, they do know, many of them are not dead when they are cut up alive. Imagine their fear. They suffer immensely"  
The husband then said "well, I am a PETA member"
And for a moment I was in hope that this man would say something in favor of the animals and I could feel a smile forming on my face .
He said it stands for  "Ha-ha People Eating Tasty Animals"
I excused myself and wished everyone a good night. 
I was not angry but I did feel a deep pain inside of me. I can't describe the feeling. Maybe a mix of pain for the animals and those neighbors who have no knowledge.
PS: On a bright note, I just heard that those remaining 147  Nevada wild horses have been saved. I think you also followed that on your website.

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