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By Angela - 13 Oct 2013

Dearest Mary,

You are not alone, but you need to take care of your health.  You can make yourself go insane searching, reading or watching animal abuse.  The one good thing about the Internet is that atrocities are documented and people are educated because of it.  Petitions are signed and, thankfully, some abusers are jailed.  The sad thing is that you can go mad and wonder about “why?” 

I’m so glad you had the courage to write your fears to this Forum.

This Forum has been a wonderful and comforting arena for me when I had (or still have) doubts about a higher power and why these horrors continue. Education is key, but you will be no good to signing a petition if your health fails?  No good. 

Below I have copied some of the kind messages sent to me when I felt I would go insane.  Feeling like you’re the only person who knows animal abuse?  Forum members have all felt the same at one time or another.  You are not alone, Mary and thank you for the courage to write.  But, you need to take strength in knowing that you’re not alone.  There is more good than bad in this world.  People do care.  When you’re feeling overwhelmed, just back away.  Even for a day. 


PS: Mary’s comments are so true to my own.   Unfortunately, I’m ashamed to write, sometimes an alcoholic beverage is consumed before I have the courage to view atrocities of animals in live-markets, factory farms, fur farms (skinned alive).  The list sadly goes on and on…. Something not proud of, but hope will eventually stop.  Yes, we have all felt OVERWHELMED in one time or another.  Thank you, Mary, for the courage of writing our fears.  God Bless.  You are not alone on this Forum!

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