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By Mary - 14 Oct 2013

Hello Angela,

I want to thank you so much for all the kind words and responses from other people.  I will digest this for the day and try to think positive as hard as that is.

I too have lost faith in God but have to restore that.  I know man has free will but I just can't fathom how a loving God would allow HIS animals who are sinless and cannot defend themselves would not step in to help them.  Man on man is one thing with free will but I will never, ever understand how these animals can be confined and tortured with no way to help themselves.  I know little children go through this but the thing with animals is the horrible amount of animal suffering, not just once in awhile on the news.  Billions and I know God could stop this but it doesn't seem like he is ever going to.  I've even offered my life to him if he would be an end to this and I would.  I think what bothers me the most is of course the pain the taking the dignity away from these animals, kicking them and the other abuses as though they were yesterday's garbage when we both know they feel all of this and are so loving that they must be saying to themselves that "maybe" tomorrow things will be different and "THEY" won't be so mean to me..and then they would forgive...such beautiful beings...I think God put animals here for us to learn from and seeing that we are  not, then take them away from this horrific human race altogether..he put them here...we don't appreciate them, so take them back without suffering.  Thank you so much and I will write as soon as I can...crying now and can't see but you are so helpful, all of you, and I am so glad I met all of you to talk to as there is nobody else.


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