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By Noelene - 14 Oct 2013

Dear Mary,

Yes, it is indeed overwhelming – a very, very difficult time on this earth. Obviously it is absolutely not the Creator’s Will for the precious animals; but humans have been granted free-will, and I hope and pray those who persecute will be overwhelmed at some point (soon!) – by mercy and compassion for the innocent.

I don’t know whether this will help, but in the midst of the awful, selfish cruelty and persecution of the animal, my only recourse for coping is to  ‘picture’ them in the perfection which is their birthright – as they were made to be;  and I feel that in all our combined love and compassion and thoughts/prayer for their release and well-being, the feeling of Love must surely reach them.....  Thought is so powerful, and we know that thoughts and love are felt beyond the thinker!  

LOVE is the fabric of God’s universe, I believe.    

GOOD  MUST  overcome the opposite eventually.   We keep trying and acting – petitions, letters..whatever we can do.   There are many victories now.    All the bad – the ‘mud’ -  is coming more and more to the surface, I think, to be seen and thrown out!  Good people, and goodness, are plentiful as well, and will overcome.  Please be kind to yourself;  try to find those who think along the same lines?  This group is such a blessing for us.   

Mary Baker Eddy wrote that when one is going along with the crowd in ‘ignorance’ of the good, there is nothing to ‘disturb the waters’, but when we set out on the path of the true,  it can be hard as we insist on the right ways..!!!!

Blessings; sorry to be so longwinded!


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