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By Kris - 18 Nov 2013

Hi my name is Kris:

I'm really upset at the constant abuse and mistreatment of all animals.

I'm focusing my attention on pit bulls as pets. I have a 6 year old male pit bull I lobe with all my heart and soul. I am against dog fighting. I think there needs to be much harsher penalties for people involved in this cruel blood sport. The public's misinformed ideas about the pit bulls as a breed is a problem in its self. Pit bulls are the most popular dog Morales 12-22 and most get a dog at that age with out any understanding what a responsibility taking care of a dog is. Mostly there dumped at the local human society to be euthanized. My point....I think breeding pit bulls should be banned for 3-5 years to see what the effect would be to regulate breeding these dogs. Maybe banning all domestic pet breeding for a couple years. And if not require pet owners that don't get their pets spay or neutered to pay a hefty fine or those that still want to breed, require a pricey breeding license.

I want to start a petition in my home town of Seattle WA to try some of these ideas. We need to do something. I can't take reading about animal abuse any longer. .I can't take reading or seeing a poor dog set to be destroyed as it sits in a kill shelter for a reason it doesn't even know...please help me with advice or what to do or where to go! It doesn't seem like people really even care about anything anymore.

The human race's time on this planet should be over. Its time we go....thank you


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