A Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?

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A Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?
Comments by Bernie - 9 Sep 2008

Oh Dear.

Lying is acceptable? To protect one's income? Does this go for drug dealers and people traffickers as well?

The RSPCA have never been about protecting the interests of farmed animals, they are only about the "protection" of domestic pets and animals the public perceive as 'cute'. And who is talking about 'forced veganism? This is alarmist nonsense. Rural people have enough silly mythology, which they use to justify excessive government handouts and a hugely irresponsible misuse of water etc. That this hideously cruel practice should be encouraged by a priest and that he also exhorts his parishioners to break a commandment is unbelieveable.

Perhaps Father Mick needs to go to an urban parish for a little while for a dose of reality.

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