A Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?

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A Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?
Comments by Samantha - 11 Apr 2011


Re the idiot priest:

Was the man drunk or has he sadistic tendencies? I hope the congregation threw a bucket of water over him to say the least, and sent him back to school to be educated: he could learn they study animals to better understand humans nowadays; usually rats; and without putting them to the torture for that much.

Also: if he feels so infinitely superior for being ‘Human’: how come he acts the way he does?... Such people are a serious threat to society, themselves, and civilisation. Talk of ‘having souls’... What certainly does exist are international laws against his sort of threats and behaviour.

Come to think of it: he and his friends so much in favour of mutilating defenceless sheep: are they willing to undergo the same treatment as the sheep?... Or don’t they have the courage to do so?

Furthermore: you ‘throw’ things on tennis courts only; usually rackets (and get fined for it). Throwing bibles is highly disrespectful... Hadn’t the Reverend Mac heard? There often is mention of sheep in a certain book, by the way (“I am the good shepherd”...). How about this one: “Blessed are the meek ”... Who quoted those may have been slightly more gentle, I admit. (And a bit less greedy...).

If a bucket of water isn’t handy for a next time: try hurling a custard pie or two at him? Definitely too mild; but it might help cure his drunken stupor and preserve the sanity of others. - Shame on such a man, his cursing and silly theatrical scenes!

Thank you for reporting the incident! I’ll not buy a scrap of Merino wool until the ghastly mutilating stops.

Samantha – Belgium, Europe