Killing Baby Seals


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Killing Baby Seals
Comments by Natalie - 7 Apr 2005

Aw my God! Aww my God! I'm soooooo speechless. How can people kill these defenseless seals. Oh my God, I feel really bad. God, can't they have a heart.

I had looked at the website for PETA and I cried all last night because I couldn't believe that this was happening. This is beyond evil.

Anyone who thinks this is something to be forgotten, needs to be shot; this is so sick.

These baby seals have not done anything to be clubbed to death - so young are they.

The only reason that these seals are being clubbed is for the greed of mankind. This whole world has been brought up to be taken over by greed.

This world is like a battle to be the top person, this just ruins life. How can people benefit from life, if there is so much evil going on. Now you can't even walk down the street without fearing for your life. This world is coming to a halt all because the idiocy of people. How do people expect us to live in peace when in reality the world is nothing but a blood bath.

The animals do nothing to us, but yet we make these animals die for our own greed. It takes a small person to torture these animals and a even smaller mind to stand back and do nothing.

These poor seals are just living their life, and we come along and slaughter them. The poor seals screaming in pain and do they give a toss? No they don't!

I'm shocked that even a person can look these seals in the eyes and kill them without even giving them a second chance; this is cruel and unjustified.

I'm sickened that the Canadian government is allowing this. It isn't fair on these seals and they know it. Being clubbed is sick and unmoral.