Biblical "Justification" of Cruelty to Animals a Stumbling Block to Faith

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Biblical "Justification" of Cruelty to Animals a Stumbling Block to Faith
Comments by Carol - 9 Jun 2007

I�ve read some interesting thoughts on the killing and eating of animals. This is a huge stumbling block for me.

I would like to believe in God but these acts of violence cannot be justified, if they are correct.

What holds me back in my belief is:

I can�t accept a God who requires brutality and cruelty to be able to forgive.

Also �how� does sacrificing a defenseless lamb (animals) allow God to be able to forgive us (as in the old testament)

Then there is the sacrifice of Jesus, why would a loving, just God need Jesus to die a brutal, torturous death to be able to forgive, what did that do for him? And how does it allow the sins of this world to be forgiven, it just doesn�t make any sense.

Some people have told me that God is a just God, who cannot overlook sin and all sin must be paid for with blood. If that�s true that says to me that God is cruel, unloving and totally lacking in compassion.

I also don�t understand how Jesus dying so violently, makes my sin look any better to God. Surely if I came to God with a repentant heart, sincerely meaning it; would allow God to forgive, how does Jesus death make it any easier? It just doesn�t add up� the reasons people in the church give aren�t reasons at all. Its just talk that doesn�t answer the question.

Although I�ve only briefly read through some of the info on this site, it appears that you support animal welfare and vegetarianism which is so commendable.

Kind Regards


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