Christian Bowhunters of America: Is it really Christian?

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Christian Bowhunters of America
Is it really Christian?
Comment by Micah Ricke – 30 Nov 2005

My family and I eat according to The Maker’s diet. We do not eat processed foods. We eat organic. We consume raw grains. We grow our own pesticide-free garden and cultivate our own seeds. We also eat wild game, lots of wild game, the clean animals that God ordained we use such as elk and deer.

I do not understand how you can rank animals as humanity’s equals, say that nature will balance the population, and then remove humans from the natural, God ordained, order of the world. For Pete’s sake, what is natural about sterilizing deer?! Hello, is there anyone out there?

Yes, nature will strike a balance in animal populations, but we people have changed the landscape of this world so much that we hinder the tools nature uses to control. The best option, the most civilized option, is hunting. Nevertheless, I find it far more humane to shoot an animal with my bow or gun and see it die within seconds. Than to go around with a camera, snap pictures and then pretend in my little head that ‘Fluffy’ is never going to expire. Mother Nature is a cruel mistress. No wild animal is going to die of old age. Why subject them to a drawn out death by disease, starvation, exposure, or being torn apart by another animal?

You say that God only concedes that we eat flesh because of the fall of Man, well everything changed at that time. It’s a whole new ball game folks. We’re never going to get back to the way things were in the Garden of Eden no matter what “works” we perform in this life. There’s only one way to Heaven, and that is by the grace of God and faith in Jesus.

There is no time when God retracts the gift of animals for our use. In fact, God demanded that the Israelites kill animals, calling upon them to make countless sacrifices of clean animals. He didn’t merely direct them to kill in order to eat, He instructed them to sacrifice, to give up the valuable flesh to Him, for their atonement, and His personal satisfaction! He states that He loves the smell of roasting animal flesh. It is mentioned in the Bible many times, that it is pleasing to Him. When the three angels come to Abraham, he brings them a meal of a freshly killed goat and waits while they eat it.

Why do I hunt? I enjoy it, for many reasons. I will not bother to explain them to you because you will never understand anyway. It satisfies me on many levels. If God himself needs to give no other reason to explain His commands aside from, “It is pleasing to me”, then why should I have to explain my enjoyment of an activity accepted by God himself.

“Would Jesus hunt with me?” He is with me wherever I go. As I enter the woods I pray to God through my Savior for a safe and successful hunt and He has never let me down.

I accept your wanting to eat a wholly vegetarian diet. That is fine with me. But don’t tell me I’m following the devil and then try to support your brain-washed ideology with the Bible.

Shame on you.

Micah Ricke

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