Christian Bowhunters of America: Is it really Christian?

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Christian Bowhunters of America
Is it really Christian?
Comment by Rachael Maldonado - 26 Jun 2007

This is a picture of my very happy breeding rooster outside. They go out all day and I lock them up at night to keep coyotes, possums, cats, and skunks from eating them.

I don�t understand how anyone could think that hunting is not Christian. Hunting for sport is obviously not but when you hunt and eat what you kill that is perfectly alright. God gave us animals to eat and there�s proof of it in the bible. I am a Christian and I hunt I also raise my own chickens which I kill and get eggs from I also milk my own cow and goat and make my own butter. Another reason to hunt is to control animal population. I have seen the deer population go down in my area along with the rise in the number of coyotes. This can be harmful if there are too many. My animals are very happy and when need be are killed to provide food for my family. God put these animals here for us to eat. If he didn't then what would we eat. Quite honestly if you have ever raised any animals like I have you would see that they do not deserve mistreatment but, don't deserve royalty. I also belive that it says that animals do not have souls, personalities yes, but no souls. So if killed humanely then that was God's will.

In His service,
Rachael Maldonado

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Watercolor painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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