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Christian Bowhunters of America
Is it really Christian?
Comment by Glenn and Ingrid - 27 Jun 2007

Dear Frank and Mary,

First of all, thank you for your absolutely, perfectly explained response to Rachael. My hart sang at how well you put the entire mercy and compassionate issue to her. We hope that Jesus will speak to her heart through your letter and that she will choose to be guided by the Holy Spirit's pleadings to live a gentle and pro-life life; as it is Jesus' will for us all to live.

Hmmm... Now, about the strange statement intelligent Christians still chooses to make on, 'animals have no souls'? Rachael sadly had not read her Bible for herself, at all...

Wow... This particular statement (regarding animal souls), well, truly, there really is more than enough mentioned (in the Bible) with regards to the fact that God created them as souls too, you can't miss it!

Of course, people have missed it though, simply because many of our dear pastors (past and present) have chosen to be biased on Bible truths and are therefore only partial believers in God's gospels; thus, they have - recklessly I might add - sold millions of Christians this totally unbiblical belief, that animals have no souls! How did this happen? (And I have to wonder, how does it still get spread around as truth with so much Biblical light, in our day in age?)

Answer: I am sure that this was mainly held as truth by them, so that they could continue to justify their habit of killing in cold blood � never pausing to remember that God gave them a breath of life (therefore giving them the right of life), with an ability to experience pleasure and pain, just like humans can. Of course, the secular philosopher, Ren� Descartes, with his mythological belief (and which he had made a public statement) that animals have no souls, sure did not help any of us in the Christendom, either! No.

As my husband and I also had to find out for ourselves (at ages 38 and 40, only during the last six years of our lives), one must and should study the Bible for yourself, first and foremostly (while praying for God to help you �get� all His gospels and commands).

Until a short few years ago, and not meaning to be cynical at all, we realized that it is a very dangerous thing, to just blindly take the word of the Bible scholars only - why? Simply, since not all pastors are full Bible believers... this is sad to say... What is worse is this, that, honestly, perhaps they don�t even know that they are not full Bible believers� I think this often happens, when you are merely a scholar, building the Bible around your habits, and not around the Jesus, the Merciful and gentle, Jesus. Because, if they really knew Jesus, and what His true will is, we would see that to kill or cause any living being harm and bring on a senseless death, is never, ever what Jesus wants to have happen.

Of course, we must all continue to pray that these pastors, who preach a partial gospel to the world, may embrace God's full Bible gospels; and because it is our duty to care that they know about Jesus� full instructions, commands and heavenly will, tell them where they have gone wrong. Yes. This is the Jesus way, because Jesus cares that they be given the benefit of the doubt also, on His full truths - because Jesus loves them dearly, too. SHALOM.

Greetings in Jesus Christ's most Merciful and Compassionate Name,

Glenn, Ingrid and the rest of our Pet-clan!

PS. Frank and Mary, lastly, I write also, because the photo of the rooster did not register on our email. Could you please be so kind as to send it to us again? (Or provide us with the link?). We very much want to send this email (photo intact) to all of our friends and family. Thank you SO much!

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