Christian Bowhunters of America: Is it really Christian?


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Christian Bowhunters of America
Is it really Christian?
Comment by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 12 Jan 2008

Dear Richard:

Judging takes on two forms: the first is condemnation, which the Bible teaches is reserved for God, and the second is discernment which the Bible teaches us we are to do.

God created us to have a loving, compassionate and peacemaking nature, This means that we are to have empathy for the whole of creation. In order to kill another living being, we have to harden our hearts and souls not to feel that beings pain and suffering, And when we lose our empathy, we become sociopathic.

The Bible teaches is to soften our hearts. Hunting, particularly for pleasure, which the vast majority is, does just the opposite; it hardens the heart. This is what we are talking about.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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Christian Bowhunters of America: Is It Really Christian?

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