Christian Bowhunters of America: Is it really Christian?


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Christian Bowhunters of America
Is it really Christian?
Comment by Richard Serzy - 18 Jan 2008

Frank and Mary,

I know about Nimrod, he was a jerk. He wasn't happy with what he had and he ruled with an iron fist. His wife started a cult. He also was a mighty hunter. I don't have the time to quote scripture because I am writing this as I get ready for work.

What the scripture will say in the line of Noah is interesting. We see all the sons of the sons of Noah. then it all stops to talk about Nimrod then picks up again with Noah's third son. Of all the grandsons it stops to talk about Nimrod.

They say that Nimrod hunted lions because the population of lions threated the general population. This isn't really found in the Bible but is strongly suggested by archeologist. and worth mention. You would find it interesting to read my source is "Manners and Customs of the Bible by J.I. Packer and M.C. Tenney." again not quoted directly I'm getting ready for work.

Here's the thing I consider in my research. Nimrod was a mighty hunter and also a tyrant. Isaac's Son was a skillful hunter and also righteous. The character of a man does not tell me that hunting was right or wrong.

They say that money corrupts. I know some rich people that are jerks and I know some really nice rich people. That doesn't say that money is bad it is the person that holds the money that is bad.

It is nice to hear from you again, I would like more of your input if you like. The next hunting reference is really about the boy archer Genesis 21:20. Can we learn from each other on this?

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Christian Bowhunters of America: Is It Really Christian?

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