Christian Bowhunters of America: Is it really Christian?


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Christian Bowhunters of America
Is it really Christian?
Comment by Richard Serzy - 31 Jan 2008

I read your article, well written. I got stuck on this part.

"They thank us for the Christian stance we have taken to show that God loves the whole world, and not just select human beings, and that both humans and other animals have the right to enjoy the whole of creation free from suffering and abuse. "

God selected a human to suffer right up to the edge of death, Job. Why? to prove to Satan that even a righteous man would be able to praise him (God) even if his hand of protection was lowered. Job was hand selected by God "Have you considered my servant".

Jesus said you will be persecuted. How are we not to suffer?

Why was an animal sacrifice required? Why did Jesus come to Earth to suffer and die for our sins?

Forget all the rhetorical questions.

Answer me this, Why was quail offered in the desert as food by God? You say God created animals to enjoy creation, why then did he give a bird for food?

Here's one I find funny, Why did Jesus put coins in a fish to pay tax? Could he not have reached behind some body's ear and pull of the first lame magic trick? I mean the fish could have choked to death! What's the deal with that. I choked on a penny when I was little, I only suffered a similar fate later in life with a half chewed Dorito... It wasn't fun at all.

Time for bed

Bye for now,

Richard Serzy

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