Christian Bowhunters of America - Is it really Christian?


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Christian Bowhunters of America - Is it really Christian?
By Kevin Kimes - 7 May 2010

Dear Frank and Mary,

As I learn more about you and read your materials, I admire your courage and passion, and respect your interpretation of God’s intent and living in God’s Will. The picture you paint through your article is a beautiful tapestry of us living on earth, as Jesus did. This is God’s Will and I agree with you. I can feel the softness of your hearts. This is a beautiful thing and I know you are doing good work, and God’s Will. I love talking with people such as you as it gives me hope for a better tomorrow in that the saving Grace of our Lord is being presented to non-believers in so many ways. If fact, I agree with many things you are saying. I even can agree with you regarding the majority of illnesses/diseases being bred by hormone infested, farm raised animals for slaughter. I loose connection with you, however on the animal/hunting part of things, and living in “Concessions of God.”

Questions I have for you……. Do you believe it God’s will or concession that living animals, including fish, must rely on one another for survival? (As you know fish and fishing is used throughout the Bible so should be included in our conversation) This does involve death, a ton of it. Also, this is consumption of blood. Do you believe it God’s will or concession that provides this systematic food chain which mankind is a part of? Is god’s intent for nature’s natural balance to be void of human interference? How much interference is Willed versus conceded? Is it God’s will that we not have automobiles which contribute significantly to death of animals also. Things in Heaven will be much different for those of us who will be accepted into Heaven, than what we experience here on earth. Death and dying is a very common and earthy concept and is purely of the earth, not Heaven. We who believe, come to Heaven only through Jesus Christ. Do you believe it God’s Will to have absolutely no death on earth and for creatures great and small to live forever? Do you really believe that divorce is okay in matters of immorality? Is not it God’s real Will to work through immorality issue also between man and wife, as he put man and wife together as one? You quote the Word on this one and you leave me wondering Will versus Concessions. Is God’s Will really that it’s ok to divorce due to immorality, or is this really just another concession? This gets off the topic of hunting, but your article compels me to ask. I do want you to know that venison/deer meat is one of the leanest and healthiest meats to eat, and one of nature’s purest proteins. My family is growing so strong and vibrant. This is our one main staple along with vegetables and unfortunately with a young and busy family, pizza.

In addition, any preacher/clergy should know and practice that as Christians, we need to be compassionate/empathetic and understanding of death. This is regardless of a companion animal or close relative/friend. Clergy, or church members for that matter, should never make someone feel “bad” for grieving the loss of anything/something they loved. This should be a fundamental skill/softness heart of any person put in this position. I’m ashamed to think people calling themselves Christians would make others feel bad for grieving their lost companion. Shame on these clergy and they should be praying to God daily about redemption. I will however, retract my statement, as it is not for me to judge. Judgment is far too big and awesome task for me.

When my family harvests an animal or loses a family pet, we go straight to God for reverence, humility, grace and sustained thanksgiving. I’ll continue sharing this message with my Broadhead Brethren.

God Bless, Kevin