Christian Bowhunters of America - Is it really Christian?


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Christian Bowhunters of America - Is it really Christian?
By Kevin Kimes - 8 May 2010

Dear Frank and Mary,

It seems like God’s will as you describe it provides numerous avenues for discernment. I believe this also. Is that not really His will? If he provides us discernment, humankind must be flexible and tolerable of those who discern. God given discernment, in and of itself, provides avenues for multitudes of understanding, even within what the Bible says, if what you’re saying is really true. But, he loves us and we can be saved through Jesus Christ.

I also believe God’s will can still occur on earth, even though man sinned and caused the great downfall of humankind. I really would like you to tackle the death questions I have. Is it God’s will that we humans were never intended to die and for those who are saved through Christ go to Heaven? There is contradiction here. I do not believe God is naïve enough to not have planned and willed that with constant life and no death, our world would crumble and not sustain. He created this world for us to flourish, serve Him, and enjoy.

Also, if God gave/willed us technology as you describe it, why would he have us mistreat and use it so poorly? He had the power through his will to not give us this technological mind and method. He knew we where sinners after Eden. Why would he give us so much to abuse? I don’t make this connection. Help me.

I appreciate your position on immorality and working through it.

Also, you are far too vague with the question regarding …………….Is it not God’s true will for sustainment of plants, animals, and humans on earth. If it is God’s will, there must be nourishment from animal to animal, fish to organism as his design. I’m seeing so many inconsistencies and non-connections through God’s will as you describe it.

Let me know your thought, I appreciate them.

Thanks, Kevin