Christian Bowhunters of America - Is it really Christian?


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Christian Bowhunters of America - Is it really Christian?
By John L. Sememoff 7 Sept 1998

Sometimes some of us may feel lost, as we are seeking the light, and we go towards the light in order to find enlightenment.  But these bowhunting folks. my friends, are quite a bit more lost than anyone I have heard of.

There are two ways of seeking the light -- the way of understanding or the way of believing.

The way of understanding comes from enlightenment, awareness, and it comes through asking questions -- the end result of which is spiritual evolution.

The way of believing -- (of accepting without questions), can sometimes lead to a situation known as double-speak.  It is a situation where a person or a group of persons, hold and express two opposite ideas in their mind at the same time and find them as being related and making sense.

In insanity there are a number of levels of perfection.  One is where a persons is able to vacillate from laughter into weeping and back, on and on and on.   A higher level of perfection of insanity is the point where the person can do both laugh and weep simultaneously, continuously.

It is now almost 2,000 years since the time of Jesus, surely some spiritual development and evolution should be expected from the human in this space of time.   Some have never moved an inch.  It is sad.  However, it could also become dangerous when suddenly those fanatics come to believe that they will be helping God by killing off all those who do not believe like they do.  Fanaticism has not limits.

I am encouraged by some of the comments of the members on the Veg-Christian list.   Whether from where you sit you can see it or not, from where I sit, I can. You have moved forward in your understanding.

Unfortunately the hunters seem to confuse the predators high (the adrenalin rush), with a spiritual experience.  Perhaps to them it is -- in the spirit of a predator.   But then they will never evolve beyond being a predator until they refuse to kill.   My grandmother said, "To kill and to eat the flesh of other living beings is to become a walking grave".  They become likened onto the walking spiritually dead -- their body works but their hearts and minds are dead -- dead to the Christian reality. it is sad.