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Chicken Horror Movie

wpe32.jpg (14822 bytes)Aaron Cardenas wrote (23 Sep 2000):

Here is a photo/comic forwarded to me by a non-Vegetarian Christian friend. If you find it useful for your all-creatures site, feel free to use it.  The main thing I found funny about it was that it got sent to me of all people...

Maynard S. Clark wrote (23 Sep 2000:

YEP !!

That makes the point.

My OWN Horror Story:

Years ago, when I was a little lad, I went to public school. Each year the local dental association sponsored the annual "dental contest".

Students vigorously busied themselves TRYING to be creative, and some students were more creative than others, as we would expect.

The first year I tried to create a dental poster I could only think of showing some rotten or missing teeth and captioning it "Don't Let This Happen to You!"

So, the photograph of the chickens watching the video or movie of a chicken on a rotisserie could also have been captioned, ""Don't Let This Happen to You!"

According to the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer, an evangelical philosopher from Huemes, Switzerland, a convert from liberal Protestantism to what he considered to be "Biblical Christianity", a man with a skill in expressing Biblical ideas in clear, cogent philosophical language and style, one of the tragedies of the modern world is that "modern modern" art which is "below the line of despair" {Escape from Reason} gives our species NO hope, nor anyone else.

Christianity, Schaeffer claimed, gave a hope that modern thinking did not, would not, nor could not offer our species.

This graphic display exhibits how "a thinking chicken" would see that type of reasoning about the irrational behavior of What Schaeffer was basically saying, in terms a secular humanist would appreciate, is that much modern philosophy is inherently irrational, logically faulty, and morally hopeless.

Ravi Zacharias and many others would agree, as would many non-Christians.

The issue, however, which ethical vegetarians, vegans, animal rights theorists, and others have insisted on throwing aggressively on the doorsteps of the churches and the minds of Christian believers, is that animals HAVE no hope, and that the only "Francis Schaeffer for animals" has BEEN the animal rights movement, even if the individuals involved have been far from perfect.

No clear, unambiguous voice for life itself HAS been clearly offered from within the framework of Christian faith, and for that reality many ethical vegetarians have felt conscientiously obliged to quietly or not-so-quietly withdraw from the church rolls.

The Biblical faith is about the claims that God has given "revelation" in some form to some persons, and that this revelation is either given, or contained, or reliably presented in the Bible.

{Not everyone believes that this is "the Biblical faith". Some feel that "the Biblical faith" is the faith described in the Bible, which is the faith of those who are its characters, and that the phenomenology of THEIR faith is open and available to our own scrutiny, and that it can become available to us as a living faith when we intuit its core "as a personal experience", and that it is not defined fully by "dogma" or "definition", but as an "encounter" (Brunner, etc. - and the neo-orthodox).}

But, in any case, the question is "salvation", and the open discussion is how "worldly" that "salvation" must be. If we are persons of nature, as the naturalists would insist, then so are all persons, regardless of species, unless THEY have souls and we don't.

But the open issue of the rightful attitude towards nonhumans is discussed from a historical perspective in Prof. Tom Regan's Christianity and Animal Rights.

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