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By Stephen Vantassel - 2 Feb 2010

In Reference to: The Book of Genesis

Thank you for the link.

I guess I am a little at a loss as to the evidence you are appealing to. I completely agree that Jesus didnít hate the pigs. I think the pigs were irrelevant to him. But that attitude simply undermines your view that the pigs were an issue of concern for him. There is nothing that states that they went to heaven or that they had faith in Christ. What exegetical nuances are you appealing to come to that conclusion? If God cares for every sparrow the way that animal activists contend, how does this match this Markan passage, particularly coupled with Christís riding a donkey and killing fish in the miracle of the fishes.

I know that you assert these views, I am asking what evidence do you find in the passages to support them.

Stephen Vantassel, Rev., Ph.D.

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