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By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 3 Feb 2010

In Reference to: The Book of Genesis

Dear Stephen:

We'll try to answer your questions by breaking them down.

God's creation intent was to have marriage here on earth, which began with Adam and Eve in Eden, so we cannot really use the lack of marriage in heaven as a valid comparison.

As we mentioned before, the key to compassion is Jesus' teaching, and if He did not have compassion for the pigs, He would violate His other teachings, whether or not it specifically mentioned in the pigs passage. It's not want we want it to be. It a Biblical fact.

Think about something. For a human being to harm another living being, they must first lose their empathy for that particular being, and in the process the harden their heart to some degree, and the more this happens the harder they become until their empathy is gone and they become psychopathic. We believe that this is also one of the reason that Paul says that love is the greatest of all the spiritual gifts.

Peter's vision was so that he would go to the home of Cornelius, which is the reason Jesus said all animals were clean, but Peter stayed firm in not killing and eating them.

We don't need to eat any animal products; in fact, we'd be a whole lot healthier if we ate an unprocessed plant based diet. And in the process we would have a lot less violence in the world.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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