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We need to have more discussion on this Veg-Christian E-mail Discussion Group, and from others concerning the relationship between Christianity and vegetarianism and veganism.

I would like to suggest that we keep our discussions to simple, single issues, in a manner that we can file in our archives for future reference.  If you have other questions or comments that you feel should be part of this discussion, please submit them to [email protected]

Some of these items/topics could be:

1.    Why do many vegetarians/vegans consider Christianity a problem?
Response 2 June 1998 by Richard Schwartz

2.    What can we as believing Christian vegetarians and vegans do to change the view that Christianity supports flesh eating?
Response 31 May 1998 by Maynard S. Clark
Response 31 May 1998 by Donna Minter
Response 2 June 1998 by Richard Schwartz

3.    How do we overcome, within the mainstream of Christianity, the practice of living in the concession of God (flesh eating - Genesis 9:2-3) as opposed to living within the intent of God (plant eating - Genesis 1:29-30)?

4.    Since flesh eating involves violence (inflicting pain, suffering and death), can it in any way be justified according to the teachings of Jesus Christ?

5.    If violence cannot be justified according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, what can we do to help bring an end to the present practice within the "Christian" world?

6.    Are these concerns strictly Christian? Or, are they equally Jewish (Hebrew Testament)? If these concerns are equally Jewish, how do we apply the Jewish vegetarian and vegan teachings to mainstream Christianity?

7.    Is it possible to have Christian vegetarian and vegan teachings introduced into Judaism in such a way that the vegetarian/vegan movement could be Judeo-Christian in its efforts?

8.    Liberation Theology was started to bring an end to the suffering of the poor people of Latin America. Should not Liberation Theology be redirected toward all of God's creatures?

9.    What should our Liberation Theology be?

10.    We live in a violent world. Is there a connection between violence in society and flesh eating?

11.    Can the teachings and thoughts concerning vegetarianism and veganism from non-Biblical, extra-Biblical, and secular books and publications be used within the mainstream of Christianity? If so, how?

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