Cruel, Cold, Stupid ... and Hardly Sporting


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Cruel, Cold, Stupid ... and Hardly Sporting
Comments by Anonymous - 2 Feb 2011

In Reference to: Cruel, Cold, Stupid ... and Hardly Sporting

Ha Ha a quick google of your name Jenny and you are all over this cruelty to animals gig sheep, crustaceans, fish, lost interest after that. If people choose to eat animals then that is there choice not someone elses to dictate. get a life. I work every day in the environment and I can assure you humans are not the cruelest species walking this earth. Life and death occur every day its just a fact.

[Ed. Note] This is the same anonymous commenter of an earlier post, and we find it interesting that such people have no real sense of compassion, and lack empathy. They believe they have the right to be cruel and to torture animals. At least Andrew had the courage to put his name in opposition to Jenny's article.