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and Non-Violence

Comments by Frank L. Hoffman
26 Oct 2001

Dear Veggie Friends:

If we look at most violence, it is a fear response.  The violence could be a reaction to fear of the other person.  It could be a fear of losing peer acceptance.  It could be a fear of being seen as being weak.  It could be a covetous fear of not having what the other person has.

As John says, perfect love casts our fear (1 John 4:18).  When a person is born of the Spirit of God (born again), God's love should also be perfected in them.  It is here that I believe the problem within Christendom arises.  How can a person who has the perfect love of God within them repeatedly participate in any violent act or in causing pain or suffering to any of God's creatures (human or non-human)?   The only answer I arrive at is, they cannot!  Therefore, the greater question arises, are they really Christians?

In the Love of the Lord,


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