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and Non-Violence

Comments by Maynard S. Clark
26 Oct 2001

PEACE includes (although it MAY not be limited to) a reduction in:

(1) overt violence

(2) implicit violence

(3) the threat of violence

(4) the potential for violence

To advocate this and to work towards this IS within the scope of the teachings of Christendom.

To expand the scope of our concerns is well within the TRADITION of BOTH Christendom AND the animal rights movement.

IN many areas the AR movement, the numerous vegetarian communities, and the array of "Christianities" are "on the same page" and both

(a) able to engage in constructive discussion and

(b) are currently engaged in constructive discussion on topics of significance and mutual interest and importance and benefit.

I suggest that "expanding the scope of our legitimate concerns" is a good way to go.

Maynard S. Clark

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