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and Non-Violence

Comments by Ramona
26 Oct 2001


This is Ramona and I have enjoyed reading what you have been writing. 

My question is: what about the leather we use for shoes, coats, "etc."   I worked for Tyson Chicken for about 6 months [because of lack of jobs in Arkansas] but could not deal with it as I saw what and how they raised and killed chickens.  I know in the Bible they used skins for clothes. [some did]  Any thoughts on this?  

My grandmother and mother are of Cherokee blood, and in belief you do not kill an animal just for the sake of killing, and if it is done a blessing or prayer is said over the animal.  I eat VERY little meat [do eat fish] as I think higher forms of animals should not be eaten, but in the Bible they did eat fish.  What are your thoughts on this?

I also believe that the killing [hunting] of animals does affect the thoughts and emotions of one and also affects the spirit.  Violence in any form leaves its impression on the mind and the physical.

Blessings to you


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