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and Non-Violence

Comments by Stephen Augustine
26 Oct 2001

Steve [Kaufman] and Others,

"Unfortunately, people generally hold several, often conflicting, values.   Most people want "consistency," but they also want certain conveniences and pleasure that, they believe, animal-based diets afford.  Ultimately, we need to show that vegetarianism is "good for" them.  One way we can do this by showing the diet's spiritual dimensions.  For example, Stephen Webb, in his new book Good Eating, discusses vegetarianism as a prayerful expression of thanks for God's creative goodness and an expression of hope for the day when all Creation will once again know peace, as it did in the Garden of Eden."

I guess the way I read Scripture is as the continuing saga of a people (more so than individuals) in relationship with their God.  In this saga I see that the people were constantly doing things that were NOT good for them, or others, even though they were told not to do those things (by prophets and the law and otherwise).  The tone of the prophets, especially in regard to animal sacrifice, was that of outright condemnation and a call for people to turn from their violent ways.

Whereas I agree with you that Christian Vegetarianism is an expression of Christian Stewardship, I also think that it is worth noting that Christian Vegetarianism is one aspect, among many, of responding to the call to turn from our violent ways.   I also think we need to gently try and examine where we are being inconsistent (in responding to reject our violent ways) and remind each other that we are now the people who are in relationship with God and the call back then is as valid now if not more so.   I believe that examining and holding up this "consistency" is another way to give our "ministry" greater validity among other Christians who might otherwise write us off as "fanatical animal rights activists" - "No, we're not vegetarian because it suits us, we're vegetarian because we believe that it is a key element of the totality of the peaceable kingdom."

"With Nathan Braun, I'm in the process of finishing a short book entitled Good News for All Creation: Vegetarianism as Christian Stewardship.  It offers a way to understand "Christ's peace."

I'm looking forward to reading the book!

In Christ's Peace,

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