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and Non-Violence

Comments by Stephen Augustine
26 Oct 2001 (2nd)

Dear Frank and Veggie Friends,

I agree with you on your thoughts about violence and fear.  The only thing I would add is that quite often someone participates in violence done to animals (or other people) without even knowing that they have done so.  Most often this is an aspect not of personal violence but participation in a society which carries out this violence.   A simple example would be animal testing for medical drugs.  Most people are not aware that most modern drugs have been or are tested on animals - quite often causing great suffering to animals.  Of course the end-user is not given a broad sheet which outlines the violence done to animals to obtain those wonderful doses of antibiotics.

Once again, I strongly believe that the Christian call is to examine our participation in violence both on a personal level and on a societal level.  To not do so is to not heed the will of God as announced by the prophets and the life of Jesus.

In Christ's Peace,

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