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and Non-Violence

Comments by Stephen R. Kaufman
25 Oct 2001

[Referring to Stephen Augustine's comments:]

"Steve, I think that you misunderstood what I was trying to say.  I am trying to think about violence and the role of Christian Vegetarianism in addressing violence in the world.  All these facets of life which you mention can probably be thought of as forms of violence.  An unhealthy diet - violence to oneself, the destruction of the natural environment - violence to Earth, world hunger - violence to humans, animal suffering - violence to non-humans.  You could see Christian Vegetarianism as both a response to violence and the choosing of a peaceful way to live."

I agree with this 100%.

"Personally I'm looking for an exploration of Christian ethics and morality which leads to consistency in how we live as compassionate people and which offers Christian Vegetarianism as a building block of this consistency - the "seamless garment" if you will.  It would be helpful to have this "seamless garment" to offer to those aforementioned "peace loving" eaters of veal, among many others."

Unfortunately, people generally hold several, often conflicting, values.   Most people want "consistency," but they also want certain conveniences and pleasure that, they believe, animal-based diets afford.  Ultimately, we need to show that vegetarianism is "good for" them.  One way we can do this by showing the diet's spiritual dimensions.  For example, Stephen Webb, in his new book Good Eating, discusses vegetarianism as a prayerful expression of thanks for God's creative goodness and an expression of hope for the day when all Creation will once again know peace, as it did in the Garden of Eden.

"In Christ's Peace, <--- I guess I'm asking what this really means to others Stephen"

With Nathan Braun, I'm in the process of finishing a short book entitled Good News for All Creation: Vegetarianism as Christian Stewardship.  It offers a way to understand "Christ's peace."


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