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Dear Mr. Phelps,

I was in a weekly Sangha Group / Dharma Talk when I heard the news that the Dalai Lama eats meats. My heart sank and I have been searching for an answer as to how this could be.

I am a sincere Buddhist. Following the precepts and the eight fold path is a moment to moment challenge for me. I look for inspiration, to stay on track, from those Bohdisatvas who return to human form with compassion to liberate all sentient beings. So, although the Dalai Lama is an amazing being, I do not see how he could be a Bohdisatvas because he participates in harming/killing of sentient beings. The discord of his position as Dalai Llama and his action is very disturbing to me.

Thank you for stating the problems with this situation so clearly and writing this letter to the Dalai Lama. It has helped me. And my hope is not gone though because "Things Change."



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