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Thank you for your letter in which you voiced the concern of many true Buddhists. There is nothing else to say. If the Dalai Lama consumes meat, then it is because he does not WANT to give it up, not because he CANNOT for supposed health or other reasons.

Eating meat or exploiting other sentient beings in any way is an atrocious act. I am sick and tired of people finding lame excuses for exploiting and torturing sentient beings just because they can.

What if we had intellectually / technologically superior aliens visiting this planet who decided it was ok. to imprison and torture us just because they cannot hear our NOs, just because in their eyes and ears we are so ignorant that we cannot possibly have feelings. Anyone would find that outrageous? Then why are people not equally outraged by anyone okaying this practice where animals are concerned. There is going to be NO sustainable peace and love in this world unless the exploitation and torture of animals or of any being for that matter come to a total halt. It is that simple. And this simple truth goes for anyone: you, me and the Dalai Lama.


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