DiscussionsAn Open Letter to the Dalai Lama - By Lynn van Dyke - 20 Feb 2013
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I heard from one of my fellow 'Satsangis' who speaks on u tube and is called Ishwar Puri, that he had been visiting the Dali Lama and asked why he wasn't a vegetarian. His answer was that he didn't actually kill the animal himself so it was ok. 

Ishwar suggested that his meditation could not be that of a 'saint' if he consumed flesh. The DL, after a few days, said that his meditation was in fact I proved by not eating meat and he had decided to abstain. I now read this. Any professed guru, saint, master, head of a religion etc cannot be considered to be spiritually advanced if they eat meat.

Look at Jesus, we don't believe he was a vegetarian but of course he was ( Essene group).

How could such a beautiful gentle spiritual being NOT be!

Lynn van Dyke.

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