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By Cathleen - 24 Nov 2016

Dear Frank and Mary,

Thank you for acknowledging my message. I hope your day has been pleasant, at least so far.

I hear what youíre saying. Indeed, our churches (and mosques and synagogues and temples) are terribly closed down, and so I especially admire your integrity in all your years of speaking up. Itís painful to keep at it when our society looks to the institutions for guidance. The public supposes honest examination and real leadership thatís actually deeply compromised where the animals are concerned. No doubt that's made your experience especially dispiriting, and why I honor that youíve continued to encourage dialogue. We never know when one person becomes a little more compassionate because another person made some effort. I donít know all you've tried, but I know youíve stayed with it for a long time.

I wish you every happiness, today and always.


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