Deer Management

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Deer Management
Comments by Alejandro G. Cossio - 23 Aug 2007

Dear Frank and Mary,

Yes, the contraceptives were tried in several studies, but not only is it really expensive in its implementation, in part for the lack of people with experience enough in the safe and steady capture of wild deer, via net trapping or chemical immobilization, but also the Biologists found residual hormones and chemical components that filtered to the land via feces and urine from the treated animals.

Also they found that the exploding deer population in some areas (50 or more animals/Sq. Mile) could not be controlled this way, even giving unlimited tags and extended hunting seasons, the hunters were not sufficient to control or make a big impact in desirable number of deer to be removed.  Most ethical hunters are usually reluctant to hunt females, this comes for many years of "Only bucks hunting is allowed".

I am in a position that can see clearly both points of view, I was a deer hunter once, and it took a life living very close to deer that I matured to be a conservationist and animal welfare defender. But I don't deny the urgent need to control in the best, humane and efficient way the still uncontrolled increasing number of deer in herds in North America, including my Country of Mexico.

The wildlife Agencies have approved many different methods of deer control, unfortunately hunting is still a desirable "non-tax contributors expense or cost" and sometimes in remote and isolated areas efficient and knowledgeable hunters are the only way to remove, to the exact needed, the number of both sexes of deer.

If we don't have the commitment, or we, as tax-contributors are not willing to pay for the implementation of humane and harm-free, but extremely difficult and expensive methods to control deer herds and avoid the extreme damage caused in habitats by deer over browsing their habitat, and consequently many other small reptiles, mammals and birds will suffer the loss of their indispensable thermal cover and food and will disappear.  Sooner or later even the deer will die of starvation.

Even if we as human beings and conservationist are not willing to get involved in a proper and efficient deer management we will only be closing our eyes and letting other people finish the job. "It has to be done" one way or another. We all caused this problem and we all have to get involved in its solution.

This dilemma should be a matter of civilized, prudent and patient discussion between extreme anti-hunters and people involved in deer herd management and ethical and real hunters, because this problem is of concern to all of us. Extreme or radical people should be removed from the discussion table from both sides.

I think that the people involved in animal rights or in conservation matters most be very well balanced and intelligent, they should have a lot of knowledge in all the matters, including hunting, because if they have never been a hunter or have never listened to their opinions, they will never understand their points of view, and the same will pray for the other side of the issue.

I hope I don't bored you with this extended letter, but there is a lot of work to do "together", instead of throwing stones and insults to each other.

Sincerely yours


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