Deer Management

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Deer Management
Comments by Alejandro G. Cossio - 26 Aug 2007

Dear Frank;

Yes, you are right, the lack of compassion and the impossibility or unwillingness of aggressors to change places with their victims for a moment and feel in themselves the same suffering they are causing, reflects in a crude manner the human selfishness and lack of feelings.

As you say, Jesus life and teach is simple. Mankind is complex.

One of the reasons I take the time and care with Timber and the other deer, is simple compassion and love; they can't be liberated into the wild, they lack their mother's example and guidance when fawns are young, and the indispensable learned interaction between other deer. They wouldn't survive by themselves, and I feel the responsibility to make their life as good and safe as possible. I would even defend them with my bare hands if a dog, coyote or cougar try to prey on them.

I don't pretend to justify hunters or their reasons to hunt, As with deer, I understand that human behavior is part of their nature and a heritage from our ancestors. Unfortunately this also includes war, crimes, cruelty and the lack of compassion, and usually gets added as regular 'software' in human kind.... But, It is our will to decide our behavior, and as you say we have Jesus example.

Good night.

Sincerely yours


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